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amendment to the anti-smoking laws

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Now that we live longer and some people saved me and the public from myself and other smokers by pushing laws against smoking in public places, I would suggest an amendment to these laws, which would go along the same generous lines and save the public and me from the owners/users of personal cars.

Here's the proposed amendment: each personal car should be mechanically modified so that the exhaust ends up fully inside that car.

There's a physical version of it too: each personal car should be mechanically modified so that the exhaust passes fully through the same private atmosphere, inside the car, that the driver is breathing, before getting outto the public atmosphere.

And here's the social version of this amendment: apply the physical version of the amendment only to those car owners/drivers who think that smoking means (or helps) killing other people more than the daily use of personal cars in urban areas or than the tax money spent on military activities or than the naked stupidity we, the people, are naturally endowed with in various degrees since birth.

costume and tie

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Did you notice how deeply moronic looks somebody in a suit and a tie? Why do they keep wearing these horrible pieces of clothing? I find this habit atrocious. The elderly have the excuse of the '50s: factory workers had a work-suit, and their bosses a visibly different one. But the youngsters have none, unless they have to wear a uniform at school. I once heard a justification that, in a meeting, having a suit help protecting the participants from distraction. Well, if a participant has problems focusing on the meeting's subjects because of somebody else's clothing, then that one shouldn't be allowed to participate in such meetings in the first place.

My guesses on the reasons why we still tolerate this plain ugliness: 1. This is the new empire's soldiers uniform. 2. The mass production of costumes and ties is cheap(est). It's for drones, after all. 3. Most of us are morons still interpreting a suit as a sign of respectability, but this is part of point 1. 4. The tie usually helps at masking a huge belly, but why are some of those slimmer ones wearing it still? It's due to lack of taste or imagination, perhaps.

Wondering what the new empire is? Well, take a train and step down in Frankfurt Am Main. Walk towards the centre about 500 metres. Look on the right side: the obsolete centres of the empire of ignorance: the old churches; their uniform is now out-of-fashion. Look on the left side: the shiny sky-scrapers simbolizing the force of the new empire: the money exchangers. Their uniform is the suit and tie.

None of these two errors of humanity have anything to do with bridges, electric light or hard-drives. Whenever somebody in a suit approaches me, I ask myself if I am in the right place, then I think about what that person does for a living; in most of the cases it does make me puke, as listening to a fat intellectual otherwise in good health does.

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