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on capitalism and religious fundamentalism

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Žižek in NewStatesman:

What Max Horkheimer had said about Fascism and capitalism already back in 1930s - those who do not want to talk critically about capitalism should also keep quiet about Fascism - should also be applied to today’s fundamentalism: those who do not want to talk critically about liberal democracy should also keep quiet about religious fundamentalism.

"liberal democracy" not liberal democracy. FTFY.

There's no democracy where the zombie wealth of a few shuffles lives over the entire world with no responsibility whatsoever: that's a liberal mix of private dictatorships into a transvestite democracy breeding irrationalities, among them, religions, and amid these, fundamentalisms. That's what education as a commodity brings. That's what a for-profit society becomes: a few superrich surrounded by darkness and sorrow. The personal wealth of each person should be limited to a statistic of the society that person's living in; more precisely the total personal wealth of each person should be limited to a (maximum) lifetime of average salaries per its national economy, updated automatically and periodically.

This is a fix for both kinds of tribes: "liberal democracies" and religious fundamentalisms.

Because of the lack of the above limit, we still don't know yet: Who made those bullets? Who made those guns? Who sold them? Who's driving uselessly cars in the cities consuming oil ultimately funding this criminal mess and the criminal mess in the middle east?

After we all find the answers to the above, what is there to do?

The rational algorithm "How to get rid of terrorism in 8 steps": 0. Limit the total personal wealth to a (maximum) lifetime of average salaries per own national economy, updated automatically and periodically. 1. Arrest the chiefs of the companies which produced and sold guns and ammunition to citizens which should not carry guns and their commercial intermediaries in these transactions. These are supporting international terrorism. Send them in jail for life or block their bank accounts, or exile them, or ban their entrance. 2. Ban all guns that can kill at a distance; torrents don't do that, bullets do. 3. Reinstate the death penalty for those who killed. 4. "Randomly" search houses of any religious persons for guns and ammunition: if found, exile their families and strip them of citizenship. Jail their providers. 5. Only allow armament in the country's military defence. 6. Withdraw from any war you might be involved in, use bikes, trains and internet instead. 7. Watch George Carlin --- Religion is Bullshit and George Carlin - Life is Sacred 8. Repeat until we all enjoy living again and consent to having children, if ever.

occupy what?

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So you say Occupy Wall Street. For what, actually? That's the ugliest among the ugliest places in the USA, why bother occupying it?

My gut sympathy goes with you, brothers and sisters, but I won't join your or any other movement which doesn't ask for something real: add to the Constitution a principle which warrants democracy, namely, the principle of limiting the total personal wealth of anyone at anytime to a lifetime of average wages.

Until then, I can't take seriously any of you any more than the ones actually owning your country. Until then, I expect that some, if not all, of you rebels will end up belonging to (or among, it's an almost random process anyway) these owners sooner or later. There's, otherwise, no point in making empty media waves, which is what your movement is, frankly, now. Otherwise, the news about you will disappear along with the ads they sold.

I dare you try tempering/stopping/replacing capitalism or any other non-democratic system without the principle above. Go ahead, make my day! Surprise me and yourselves.

on drugs and smoking

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Just visited a hospital claiming to have an anti-smoke policy: there was a place for smokers two parking lots away from the nearest hospital building, near the highway. Note that the policy is called "anti-smoke" not "anti-smoking". Note that the highway is called "freeway". Note that, in any movie where somebody gets into a car and drives on a "freeway", the music starts, so you won't notice the total ridiculousness and ugliness of that activity.

The same hospital has a chapel for prayers inside one of the buildings. In my opinion, the place for smokers and the place for prayers should be swapped.

Now, there are plenty of modern parasites writing on how to quit smoking; they know better, they know it's bad for you, because it was bad for them, or it's just good for them that they can sell you, the smoker, a book on the subject. I am continuously amazed on the reasons these non-smokers smoked some time ago: to feel manlier, because others smoked, because of some advantages (?!?).

I remember exactly when I started smoking: it was 29 years ago, the autumn of 1981, in a toilet in high-school, after a general math test, when a friend and colleague of mine lit up a cigarette and started reading a letter he received from his girlfriend. It was a romantic letter. He invited me to smoke along with him, I was a non-smoker like all these ignorant anti-smoking pricks today. But I lit one for myself, listening to the reading and was transported from that toilet into an undefinable place. If that place has a name it should be poetry, or art. I decided then to smoke regularly. The second day I smoked a pack. I reached 3 packs a day in my most intensive periods of work or excitement and I'm smoking one pack a day now.

That's when I decided to smoke. I knew already that smoking contains poisonous substances and is addictive because of the nicotine, that's why I didn't smoke until then. But the mind alteration I got from smoking that first cigarette opened an unknown space for my mind. I'm pretty sure that was at least 50% of chemical origin, the rest of it was the reading, but only a brainwashed idiot would try to measure that exactly.

After that, I lived moments of incomparable quality along with my cigarette; sorry folks, no human, dead or alive, was able to ever generate moments like that in my life. Chemistry, I suppose, or chemistry and biology, who knows? who cares, anyway, among the non-smoking drones today; but that doesn't make it inferior to an individual's best life experiences. These experiences come at a cost, but anything real comes at a cost, so you have to decide all the time if you accept the cost or not for anything you do.

Now, I write this because I'm harassed continuously by the arrogance of these anti-smoking ignorants.

First, you ignorants, know it now that if you do any activity other than directly growing your own food and directly building your own shelter, or educating someone to make these after you done them, you are on drugs. Whenever you want to recommend somebody to quit smoking you yourself should do the following: - stay out of church, that is a much dangerous drug: it doesn't even tell you when you're overboard; - burn all the music albums, all the art items you have: those are also drugs, illusions that "help" you carry on with your miserable drone life; - burn all the books you have: those are also drugs, they're just playing with your imagination, nothing is real, and if something seems real in them, it's because it is a copy; - don't do mathematics, physics, engineering or computer science either: those are drugs for some types of minds for which lighter drugs, like beer, driving, fiction or TV staring, are not enough; - never drink anything else but water: the rest are drugs, which, like all the drugs enumerated above, keep you living under the illusion that you're worth more than a random spit. - throw your TV away: that would prove yourself that you're not only a lemming with attention deficit disorder. - burn your car, never drive a personal vehicle: that's also a drug so insidious you are never aware of the crime you're committing. - throw your so-called "assets" away: there is in some part of your mind a corner that's high on them right now, if you own anything. - never mention Hitler for educational purposes, you are, as a militant anti-smoker, a drone follower of his already.

As long as you're not following all of the 9 steps above you should shove your non-smoking advice up your ass, you don't have any right to suggest anything related to drugs to anybody else but yourself, actually you are a long living empty life common moron, exactly like those who waste their longest part of life on drugs.

Your long list of lame and meaningless addictions seems more disgusting to me than my smoking ever seemed to you, I just never bothered to tell you until now, when your harassment has became surreal and embarrassingly stupid for a human society.

the european bushes

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From a Financial Times news article: "UN experts said last week that Iran had produced enough for a nuclear bomb but only if it undertook the highly visible and protracted step of enrichment to weapon grade levels."

I got some news too: each of the authors of the article quoted above has enough power to kill somebody but only if they undertook the step of stabbing that somebody with a cutter from their office.

According to the article, UK, France and Germany are trying to supply Bush's absence in the process of harassing Iran. As I am told, we live in a world of free competition, is this how some states in EU understand competition, making political pressures? Iran has all the rights to use nuclear power for energy. Even if Iran would want to make a nuclear bomb, they're spending their own resources for making it, what's the real concern here? There are plenty of nuclear bombs in the area already and nobody seems to be concerned about that. Bush's US has proven that it can go to war for no reason, just because they fancy it. Any country in the world has the right to prepare a defense against this kind of attitude, so nobody (but the originators) is to blame for new countries joining the arms race. I think it's irresponsible of some EU countries, like these three ones, to make steps that will strain politically the other states of the EU which did not agree with them.

Would you people cut the bullshit before I pass out, please? I'm sick and tired of these counterfeited crises which only serve some multinational companies nobody voted for.

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