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future of EU: dare socialism

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Free-market is a non-theory, liberal capitalism is a huge cheat scheme, Adam Smith was wrong from the very start, "property" in all the capitalist-praising texts does not refer to your property, the individualism refers to a consuming/slaving slot, not to a being, and any currently "developed country" is not really developed, in comparison with socialism.

The above is not a poetic figure of speech, the details come in these few lines:

  • free market is never a realistic approximation of an economy, market never comes empty: it's filled from the beginning and you, the gullible, are most of the times cornered by it;
  • liberal capitalism seems to work (for a minority) until it fails them, then you, the majority, pay, to make up for the difference: the free-market promoting US, bailed-out its own banks with non-market public money when push came to shove; the liberal global trading rules are becoming tariffs if they don't serve the bullshitters.
  • the self-interest of all living humans cannot create an invisible hand as in
    They are led by an invisible hand to make nearly the same distribution of the necessaries of life, which would have been made, had the earth been divided into equal portions among all its inhabitants, and thus without intending it, without know- ing it, advance the interest of the society, and afford means to the multiplication of the species.
    Anyone with a Physics 101, or some bits of neocortex, would discover immediately that the first thing someone self-centred, with a random economic advantage, would do is to continue growing that advantage as far as possible, meaning that the resulting society is a pyramid, with a few ultra-rich on top, and all the rest forced to work for them just for own survival. If that's too abstract to you, here's an example: A self-centred idiot in the market finds a 100 bill in a corner, next thing he does: pays two muscles to "lobby" some other participant to give up its products or its bought merchandise. Then he sells the stuff and pays some more muscles and does it all over again. Next year, he's writing the law of the markets where he's the chief. Until his self-centred idiot neighbour kills him and proclaims himself chief/lawyer of the market. History shows that these guys only stop when they are divinity, that is, never alive. History also shows that this is obviously outdated for countries which practised socialism.
  • all the capitalist systems insist on "the property", the problem is that only the socialist countries managed to make their citizens property owners: don't believe me? check the statistics of the EU countries in terms of house ownership, you'll be surprised to find that all the previously socialist countries have a larger proportion of house owners than all the capitalist ones. And here property means truly owning it, not having a mortgage to pay.
    So, in capitalism, it's not your property the economists and politicians are talking about.
  • no so-called capitalist "developed country" can or could afford free education and free healthcare. Socialist countries could. If you disagree, call your senator/president/prime-minister to prove it! I lived in a socialist country and I know it did.
So, to trash with capitalism and free-marketers and liberal economists: I certainly don't care to see them advising country policies for the next eon.

So, if we let a capitalist system evolve, it destroys the host society: it becomes a tribe with few rich and in power, and the rest of the population as a decorum fussing for the enjoyment of those few. A capitalist EU does not have a future, the Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union reads:

The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail.

Let's focus on "freedom": if one has to wake everyday up to work only to survive, that's not at all freedom, it's exactly the opposite. We can give some true, verifiable, non-bullshitting content to the word freedom: every person alive receives from society an Unconditional Basic Income, to ensure that freedom is not a word for suckers and really lets people live in dignity and all the rest above = anyone's personal wealth is limited from below.

Let's focus on "democracy": it doesn't mean only that anyone has a voting stamp, it means that each voting stamp is equal in weight with any other. Problem is, a person 1.000 times richer than you gets more ways into the political power than you do, gets a weightier voting stamp than you, then the rule of law becomes more and more his rule of law. It follows that the personal wealth should be limited from above, and I suggest anchoring this limit to a statistical fact about the society you live in: let each personal wealth be limited to an amount equal to a lifetime of average wages. A technical formula no political group can abuse because it includes all the negotiated economical life of, say, the past year. Make an arithmetical exercise and multiply the monthly_average_wage_in_your_country (400-3000) with a_lifetime (130 years*12months~1500): that's the personal wealth limit.

No society is stable or peaceful if the personal wealth is not limited both from above *and* below. This window of wealth is the one that affords the rest: equality, human dignity and the rule of law; it's an engineering truth history will test always.

Outside this personal window of wealth we, or EU, or US, or any other country, do not have any future.

Call it socialism, if you like, but briefly it's this: a country can have a future only if its citizens have comparable political power, that is, their personal wealth is limited both from above and below, and its society provides free education and free healthcare to each citizen. Anything else and your life is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

artificial intelligence is circular

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I have no doubt now that the outcome of the search for the best AI will be the human. More precisely, a self-aware, informed and educated, true proletarian, whom no capitalist will manage cheating.

Until then, I'm also certain that many doctors, all the lawyers, accountants and priests will join the rest of the jobless pack in queues. So, until then, these bullshitters should focus on promoting unconditional basic income before it's too late. The rest of the "middle class" is also welcome. Informed proletarians would not mind this either.

All in all, it follows that the Unconditional Basic Income is the optimal way to fund the artificial intelligence effort.

what academics should be doing

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The lecture series on Marx by Prof. Robert Paul Wolff. This week it's at its 3rd. If u're a zombie, don't pay attention to it.

This type of work (thank you, Professor) is what academics should be doing, instead of converting public money (their salaries) into private money (copyrighted knowledge), as they do now.

I would've recommended his book "Understanding Marx", but it's under copyright.

BTW, here's what "knowledge society" means, it's not what you thought: a society awash with knowledge, nope; it's a society hoping to extract rent from copyrighting whatever it touches (see WIPO, TRIPS and future like-horrors). Unsurprisingly, societies trying it become failed societies: knowledge is not shared (because you're supposed to make it a commercial item), so citizens become, individually, as intelligent as their pocket.

Circulation of knowledge degrades into the circulation of money. It's not bad just because it is a backward thing to do, but bullshit is promoted to "knowledge" just because its owners would be able to sell more copies of it. Just watch. Internet was supposed to allow collectively the society jump into a wiser, more knowledgeable state, instead, the legal notions of copyright and intellectual property are hoarding more economic power for some few, who never had a special relation with the creation of knowledge in the first place.

If u're a zombie, don't fight back the above with the creative commons license (CC) for intellectual works in general or GPL license, for software. If u want your children, or the society around you, grow stupid, don't use any of these and ignore this message, don't give it a like, it has no use of it.

imperiul e sărac

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"Noi suntem victimele istoriei", sintagmă populară'n colonii.

Să vezi de ce, sau, mai degrabă, cum: cum sărăcește un imperiu, cum scormonește prin haznaua coloniilor să'i mai pună la treabă. Cum reușește, sau cum poate încerca asta? Să apeleze la rațiunea coloniei e exact ultimu' lucru. Mai degrabă basne, mațe și ficați, ficțiuni multe și pe jumate suprapuse să nu se poată descâlci nici unu care'a cetit o carte, zădărăști "simțul civic" care n'are treabă nici cu simțu' nici cu civicu'. Central e să ții pârghia la vedere, ca adevăr alături de fraze normale, să nu simtă nimeni că s'a petrecut/dezvăluit/învăluit ceva.

Iaca un exemplu, titlu: "Destabilizarea României. Adevărata miză a păpușii infractoare Dragnea. Detalii care DAU FIORI!". Adic FIORI! nu fiori, îi simți?

textu'i scurt, adevăru'i acolo, alăturarea e normală "știm noi cu Dragnea, păpușa". flash, dă fuga, dă ochii peste cap, accelerează pulsu'.

doar că "Păpușa infractoare" e aia aleasă majoritar și tocmai d'aia n'are de ce destabiliza ci dimpotrivă. da' cui îi folosec argumentele, cui? păi, mie: majoritatea aproximează realitatea, un alt nume pentru stânga, minoritatea o caută. Realitatea se simte bine în ea însăși. Doar altcevaurile se simt stingher până la extincție.

după titlu, cu impact, "Ceea ce vedeți acum în România este aplicarea pas cu pas a unui plan de destabilizare și rupere a României în bucăți. Este un proxy-war rusesc."

Dacă nu ți'a intrat bine'n cap: "În spatele acestui plan sunt rușii care atacă România informativ pe toate planurile." Stuchim în sân.

Știm cu toții, în afară de facebook, că România a ratat o iugoslavizare din cauza Satanei urâte din ficați Iliescu și c'ar fi de folos oricărui imperiu sărac de s'ar petrece. Așa că, chiar dacă nu păpușărim ci doar catalizăm, e chiar mai bine, deniability ensured.

Așa că de unde s'o luăm, cu dreapta n'ai cum să convingi mulțimea, ține cel mult 4 ani din 30 și dup'aia, și d'aia, tot a stânga trage; atunci încercăm mai subtil "apolitic" "tehnocrat" "centrist", măcar la asta ar să pună bot tot nou-născutu' și se nasc noi și noi tot timpu'.

Deci cel mai bun instrument de furat din colonii e să ții orice e sau pare de stânga la respect (comunism? pfuaii, ficați, mațe, doamne ferește, scuipă'n sân), ca metodă clișeu twitter, repetat, nr. limitat de caractere, animații gif.

Bon, dreapta, dacă n'are lider cu carismă, un Isus, unu care'o zice de la obraz, nu e, că minte, prin definiție, n'are. Deci pas ș'aci.

Așa c'o dăm pe tehnocrație, isterii locale cât să țină tablou'n aburi, cu aer c'are savantlâc în spate (model economic, bursa de la Londra, thinktank cu Harvard etc.): ia de te scoală și dă cu cârca, că știm noi mai bine de ce și cum. Ș'așa ne scriem singuri regulile în virtutea unui model impersonând raționalul, ONG-iști la guvernare :), dreptaci care'și rup până și trișca pt. societate, superb, mai e și de râs. Numim facebook simț civic ș'avem și unde face statistica și aflăm și butoanele sensibile, că de proști nu ducem lipsă.

Problema, totuși, a imperiilor sărace e că dispar prin (lipsa) de forță a lucrurilor, ca pielea pe care șarpele/avere o lasă pt. un nou anotimp, ca accidentele.

Da, România'i dezbinată: bicicliștii beutori de tizane și restu'.

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