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what academics should be doing

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The lecture series on Marx by Prof. Robert Paul Wolff. This week it's at its 3rd. If u're a zombie, don't pay attention to it.

This type of work (thank you, Professor) is what academics should be doing, instead of converting public money (their salaries) into private money (copyrighted knowledge), as they do now.

I would've recommended his book "Understanding Marx", but it's under copyright.

BTW, here's what "knowledge society" means, it's not what you thought: a society awash with knowledge, nope; it's a society hoping to extract rent from copyrighting whatever it touches (see WIPO, TRIPS and future like-horrors). Unsurprisingly, societies trying it become failed societies: knowledge is not shared (because you're supposed to make it a commercial item), so citizens become, individually, as intelligent as their pocket.

Circulation of knowledge degrades into the circulation of money. It's not bad just because it is a backward thing to do, but bullshit is promoted to "knowledge" just because its owners would be able to sell more copies of it. Just watch. Internet was supposed to allow collectively the society jump into a wiser, more knowledgeable state, instead, the legal notions of copyright and intellectual property are hoarding more economic power for some few, who never had a special relation with the creation of knowledge in the first place.

If u're a zombie, don't fight back the above with the creative commons license (CC) for intellectual works in general or GPL license, for software. If u want your children, or the society around you, grow stupid, don't use any of these and ignore this message, don't give it a like, it has no use of it.

cartea celor o mie și una de nopți

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Cartea celor o mie și una de nopți v.2.2 e disponibilă în format epub, din efortu' generos al unor anonimi.

Pohtim celor ce vor să corecteze/formateze mai departe, sursele (4228 pagini LibreOffice) și scanu cu OCRu' de bază.

Sigur, mai sunt și alții și mai tari.

Apropont, șțȘȚ sunt caracterele românești standard UNICODE, iară nu şţŢŞ, care's caractere folosite'n Turcia și Azerbaijan.

015F ş LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH CEDILLA • Turkish, Azerbaijani, ... • the character 0219 ș should be used instead for Romanian → 0219 ș latin small letter s with comma below

0163 ţ LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH CEDILLA • Semitic transliteration, ... • the character 021B ț should be used instead for Romanian → 021B ț latin small letter t with comma below

Va'zică, folosiți tastatura corectă când (tran)scrieți digital cărțile.

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