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What with next year European elections and Brit fate you may do yourself a favour and save the next decade's time for yourself by filling this winter's holidays with these three emergency readings:
Anand Giridharadas: "Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World" (there's a book behind it)
Jane Mayer - Dark money (there's a book behind it)
Rutger Bregman . Utopia for Realists- The Case for a Universal Basic Income (there's a book behind it)

All of the above on the background discussed here:
Yanis Varufakis with Professor Noam Chomsky at NYPL, April 16, 2016 | DiEM25

Then, meet Bernie.

maybe you want to sign the Manifest for democratization of Europe, or
[work | get along] with DiEM25.

or, briefly, if you aim to live in a free and democratic society, you have to aim for these principles in your country's Constitution:

  1. democratic principle: the personal wealth of each and everybody is limited from above (capped) to an amount equal to a max lifetime of average wages (assuming last year in your national economic system the average wage was 1000 units, your total personal wealth is limited to 130 years*12 months*1000~1.500.000 units).
  2. freedom principle: the society has an obligation to provide to every citizen the minimum wealth necessary to cover the basic living needs (roof, clothes, food, energy, means of communicating).
  3. education, healthcare and free access to research results are mandatory public infrastructure and off-limits to commerce (i.e. paid, in principle, directly from public taxes and not from private investments or acts of private benevolence which may follow the looting)
a society is stable and meaningful only between these two limits of personal wealth and on the infrastructure defined in point 3. debate it with your friends, put facebook/google to work in your favour for once.
in essence these are the parameters which will guide the economy and its modeling, and not the reverse.

Pay attention permanently whom you vote/let in public power: Any politician/bureaucrat who doesn't aim for these three principles explicitly is a demagogue, an impostor or an unevolved chimpanzee in a suit-and-tie, it doesn't deserve your vote=doesn't deserve an income from your trust/efforts/taxes.

See you younger next year!

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