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artificial intelligence is circular

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I have no doubt now that the outcome of the search for the best AI will be the human. More precisely, a self-aware, informed and educated, true proletarian, whom no capitalist will manage cheating.

Until then, I'm also certain that many doctors, all the lawyers, accountants and priests will join the rest of the jobless pack in queues. So, until then, these bullshitters should focus on promoting unconditional basic income before it's too late. The rest of the "middle class" is also welcome. Informed proletarians would not mind this either.

All in all, it follows that the Unconditional Basic Income is the optimal way to fund the artificial intelligence effort.

It follows from here: the evolution proved that we're the best infrastructure for intelligence (distributed and sophisticated battery, adaptability, society etc). So the best AI effort is to put an UBI in this infrastructure, any alternative AI based on chips will be vulnerable to weather and any cat's piss.

Go ahead, empire, make my day.

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