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Assange, political prisoner

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Here's an interview by Pilger with Assange, who, by the way, is a political prisoner of US+UK+Sweden, and lives for the last 4 years in a 40 msq prisonasylum offered by Ecuador.

Just so you all may sleep well.

Obama, you "should be rooting" for this guy, word, you can at least put a definite stop to the hunt for Assange, it may be the only useful thing you could make in your entire career, or can you, or could you ever anything except play with words and mix some homey tricks? Actually, Obama, do you exist at all? If there ever was at least a trace of honesty in you, you are morally bound to leave Assange in peace and free before your end-term. Then Snowden, or vice versa, whatever, man...

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