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democracy, freedom and all that

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We all heard these words: democracy, freedom, society, state; but do we have a common understanding of them? Here's a suggestion:

1. Democracy.

We can't have it where some people (say, 1%) are thousand times more powerful than others. A democracy is meaningless if individual people's powers are incomparable to one another, so a universal limit on personal wealth is necessary for true democracy.

This limit should be measurable, adapting in time, and decided by the whole society in a universal/mathematical way. Therefore:

Democracy is possible only if the total personal wealth is limited to an amount equal to a max lifetime (~130 years) of average wages.

2. Freedom.

One can't have freedom while one is bound to accept abuse for a living.

Therefore, freedom is not possible/meaningful without the unconditional basic income.

The unconditional basic income (UBI) covers the resources necessary for a basic human living in dignity: shelter, energy, food, sanitary services.

The source for UBI is the effort of the entire society, a tax system.

3. Society

A society is not possible without democracy and freedom as defined above, but it also requires universal education, communication, transport, maybe more. Call them social services. So a state (as a social organization to make possible all the above) is necessary, and its meaning is to provide/protect/guarantee all of the above, to all the people in the society, the tools of this process are science, industry and exchange and the overall global name for the results of these activities is economy.

So now we all know, in simple terms, what we have to achieve.

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