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Earth 2100: yet another proof of how medieval is the american thinking, even when it's progressive: "Caspian fever" (not Chicago fever or texan fever). And if the energy problem gets solved, guess what an american thinks: we will then have electric cars. So that's the salvation, yet another product that can be sold per capita, producing return on investment. More brainwashing is impossible.

To quote "by tackling climate change, you end up tackling energy, you end up tackling food, you end up tackling water resources.[...] You could change this vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle." The kind of upside-down thinking: when producing profits, no need of governments to interfere or tax, no need of somebody else to tell you you shouldn't drive a car burning an irreplaceable fuel. But beyond crisis, OK, tackle climate change and you end up tackling the rest :).

Only by limiting the total personal wealth to an amount equal to a lifetime of average wages, you end up tackling energy, you end up tackling food, you end up tackling water resources.[...] You could change this vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle. Then you tackled global warming if it's not too late. FTFY

A person in the first 1% financially rich of the american population is equivalent, in terms of financial wealth, with about 150000 persons in the financially lowest 80% bracket. His/her capital is a headless beast moving everywhere to transform anything into profit/return on investment/interest rate: it never cared if lives are involved, or if the planet becomes a desert.

That means that, on average, a person in the top 1% bracket can hire or dispose of 175000 persons in the 80% bracket. That's the democracy we're talking about here.

How does one get to this number: the top 1% financially owns 42.1% of what there is to be owned, while the bottom 80% owns the 4.4% leftover. The relative power of ownership is then: (42.1% / 1% )/ (4.4% /80%)= 763. This is how many more times capital a person in the first 1% has in comparison with one in the bottom 80% (that is, you, or me).

Right from the outset a top 1% can employ or dispose of 763 people in the "bottom" 80% bracket.

But this relative capital power doesn't stop here, it is deposited in a bank, and a bank can lend more than 10 times their real cash deposit (aka fractional reserve banking). So the number gets 7630. But wait, there's the leverage: an investor (such as a bank) can use leverage dollars for each dollar actually owned. This leverage was 30 for Lehmann-Brothers and 20 on average over USA in Nov. 2008. In Europe the average leverage was 60 at the time (if one were to believe rumors on FOREX).

So we have, for US: 763*FRB*LEV=763*10*20=152600. For E.U.: 763*FRB*LEV=763*10*60=457800.

So, the capital of one person in the first 1% financial bracket, can hire/dispose of 152600 persons from the "bottom" 80% in US and 457800 in EU.

Next time somebody talks about democracy, or about acting for climate change, either slap him or tell him the above.

If the limit proposed here would be in place, all the fast profit activities which are the most distructive today by externalising more consequences would disappear; they will be replaced with acts negociated in larger numbers before moving some stupid shit that makes fast money and leaves everything else dead.

Any politics starting from anything else is pure bulshit.

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