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occupy what?

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So you say Occupy Wall Street. For what, actually? That's the ugliest among the ugliest places in the USA, why bother occupying it?

My gut sympathy goes with you, brothers and sisters, but I won't join your or any other movement which doesn't ask for something real: add to the Constitution a principle which warrants democracy, namely, the principle of limiting the total personal wealth of anyone at anytime to a lifetime of average wages.

Until then, I can't take seriously any of you any more than the ones actually owning your country. Until then, I expect that some, if not all, of you rebels will end up belonging to (or among, it's an almost random process anyway) these owners sooner or later. There's, otherwise, no point in making empty media waves, which is what your movement is, frankly, now. Otherwise, the news about you will disappear along with the ads they sold.

I dare you try tempering/stopping/replacing capitalism or any other non-democratic system without the principle above. Go ahead, make my day! Surprise me and yourselves.

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