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the meaning of philanthropy

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There's a billionaire. And he's a philantropist. His name is Soros. He talks at Davos about solutions for the humankind, he actually wrote some books about the structural crisis of capitalism. But guess what, his books still have a price, the billionaire philantropist can't afford to publish them online for free. If you wanna find out what he's thinking, you still have to shell out some $15. Can there ever be imagined a more ridiculous situation?

And there are many philanthropists like him. Well, I guess the word philanthropy is currently to be found in the newspeak dictionary.

No, thank you, I really don't care what these types think: real knowledge is part of the commons; don't buy their books, ignore them as long as you can, switch on the other channel when you notice their appearance; these guys talk for themselves, your existence was not intentional.

My respect goes to types like Dr. Schiller, the author of Motion mountain: The free physics textbook, read his gratis book instead, you'll really need it sooner than you think. Then watch Zeitgeist: Moving forward, also gratis. Then replace Windows with Debian Linux on your computers/laptops, also gratis. Then you'll grasp the meaning of philanthropy.

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