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My advocacy for various things will startle some readers, since people often think professors should stay in their ivory towers and “be above it all” (or at least “out of it”). But I think, to the contrary, that professors have an obligation to speak what they believe to be the truth, especially when they see important social values such as freedom and equality under attack. This is the big reason for tenure. It pays a free society in the long run to safeguard teachers so they can say whatever they think is true without fear of losing their jobs. It’s an implicit part of our role to profess the truth, as best we know it. That’s why we’re called profess-ors.

from Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians (2006), one of the few books worth reading if you're interested in the strong links between politics, religion and psychology, or if you simply have the right to vote and want to keep it. Also, it's freely accessible. Check it out before your next discussion about god or democracy with your friends.

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