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wishes for the next year

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Here's my list of wishes for the next year:

  • - banning the wearing of suit and ties in public places, gatherings, conferences, workshops etc.
  • - cutting the background sound from the TV news (the one that says tam tapatam tarapatam pa tam while you're struggling to figure out from the noise what the hell happened today)
  • - writing in any State's Constitution, or in the UN charter, the universal wealth limit principle: no person should own at any time a wealth greater than the equivalent of a lifetime of average salaries
  • - universal Internet infrastructure availability and accessibility gets recognized as a gauge of democracy
  • - a psychiatric evaluation is performed for each militant non-smoker, the out of scale results are made public
  • - no private funds are available to anybody involved in any electoral process; alternatively, all the parties and parliaments get dismantled and replaced with civil servants proposed and elected online on professional grounds by the entire population for task-oriented jobs;
  • - all those who benefit from some form of copyright today will pay back this year all their sources of inspiration, from the inheritors of Aristotle to the people and cats wandering the streets today; these copyright owners will also have to buy a picture of a hard drive and not the real hard drive itself for the price of the real hard drive;
  • - all the research paid at least partially from public funds is guaranteed to be comprehensively accessible worldwide
  • - usage of personal cars in urban areas gets banned
  • - the words manager, customer, stakeholder, business and market are eliminated from the vocabulary of those who are not directly involved in commercial activities
  • - all mentions of religion are eliminated from any State's Constitution (inspired from here)

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