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where your money goes

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Did you pay your taxes this year?

So a Microsoft Windows 7 Professional license costs 300USD, a Microsoft Office 2007 Professional costs 500USD, and Adobe Acrobat costs 450USD and Adobe Photoshop is 700USD. For web design you'd need Adobe Creative suite 4, which costs 1700USD. This means about 3700USD are needed from your taxes to load a single computer used in the public administration offices of your country, if they use the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The alternative is Linux (Debian, Ubuntu etc.) which costs 0(zero)USD instead of Windows, OpenOffice, which costs 0(zero)USD, instead of Microsoft Office, and Gimp and/or Blender, which cost 0(zero)USD, instead of Adobe Photoshop, and you don't need Adobe Acrobat because you can generate and edit PDFs under Linux with free software as well. For designing web pages, you can use Kompozer or Quanta Plus, which cost 0(zero)USD. So the total cost of loading a Linux machine with the software needed for the usual office activities in your public administration is 0(zero)USD.

If you live in a rich country and your country is not in crisis then you can afford 3700USD to be spent from your tax money for each computer in your public administration's offices, but if you don't live in such a country, then you should call your public representative immediately and tell him/her to install Linux and the other free software necessary for office work instead of Windows.

Hell, if you're smart you'd push for a law that mandates the use of free software in the realms of public administration.

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