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Hermes source availability, funding issues

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Although the XML examples are converted with a newer version of Hermes than 0.9.3, the source distribution of this newer version won't be available for download until I get some (reliable promise of) funding explicitly for developing Hermes further (since October 2005), those who are in need can use alternative tools, like tex4ht, or continue the Hermes development on their own resources (ironically, while E.U. is making a lot of fuss about digital libraries, I'm having difficulties finding a related job, my CV is here and my offer is written here.).

However, when I get hired as a research programmer in knowledge representation, as a digital content library architect, or in a related area, I would then be able to continue releasing Hermes updates on my spare time (even if it won't be part of the job).

Here's the list of updates since version 0.9.3

  • Formatting, both in the MathML mapping and in the publishing stylesheet, has been refined for all the fonts currently supported.
  • Added font mappings for the pxfonts and txfonts; The full list of currently supported fonts is: cmr, cmu, cmb, cmsl, cmti, cmtex, cmtt, cmtcsc, cmssdc, cmss, cmmi, cmmib, cmsy, cmbsy, cmbx, cmbxti, cmex, msam, msbm, eufm, eurm, eusm, euex, cmcsc, wncyr, wncyi, rsfs, lassdc, pplr8t, pplri8t, pplb8t, zppler7y, zppler7t, zppler7m, zppler7v, zppleb7y, zppleb7m, zppleb7t, lasy, wasy, ecrm, ecb, ecbi, ecbx, ecti, ecsc, ecsl, pxr, pxi, pxb, pxbi, pxbsc, pxbsl, pxsl, pxsc, pxss, pxsssl, pxsssc, pxtt, pxbtt, pxttsl, pxbttsl, pxttsc, pxbttsc, p1xr, p1xi, p1xb, p1xbi, p1xbsl, p1xbsc, p1xsl, p1xsc, p1xss, p1xsssl, p1xsssc, p1xtt, p1xttsl, p1xttsc, pxmi, pxbmi, pxmi1, pxbmi1, pxmia, pxsy, pxsya, pxbsya, pxsyb, pxbsyb, pxsyc, pxbsyc, pxex, pxexa, txr, txi, txb, txbi, txbsc, txbsl, txsl, txsc, txss, txsssl, txsssc, txtt, txbtt, txttsl, txbttsl, txttsc, txbttsc, t1xr, t1xi, t1xb, t1xbi, t1xbsl, t1xbsc, t1xsl, t1xsc, t1xss, t1xsssl, t1xsssc, t1xtt, t1xttsl, t1xttsc, txmi, txbmi, txmi1, txbmi1, txmia, txsy, txsya, txbsya, txsyb, txbsyb, txsyc, txbsyc, txex, txexa.

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