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If you're still using Windows in 2009, at home or at work, while there is FreeBSD, and this variety of GNU/Linux distributions, like Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Knoppix ..., please don't speak to anyone anymore about freedom of choice, that's a freedom you're not using, so chances are you're not really grasping the concept.

I switched this year from Windows XP to Debian (I tried various Linux distributions since 1997, but I'm picky in terms of user interface and tunability) and this time around I was surprised that everything I was used to under Windows, and more, was in place and functional: the easy and intuitive installation of the operating system (tried Debian and Ubuntu, and I like them both, but prefer Debian as a matter of taste, Ubuntu is more for the hurried user), the smooth installation/deinstallation of applications, the graphical interface(s), the documentation, the sheer number of applications available in the Linux world, the elegant updating mechanisms, convinced me that the Linux world is already a much larger, interesting and useful world than Windows can ever hope to be. Don't waste your time, switch now and donate half of your Windows license money to these contemporary heroes, and drink the rest with your friends sharing your experience, you won't regret a dime.

Note: I don't work in anything related to GNU, Linux or FreeBSD and I'm not part of any promotion campaign, I'm just using them (Debian, the universal operating system, on my desktop and laptop, and FreeBSD on my home-server machine) and this is an authentic message from a picky previous user of Windows confirming the quality and the maturity of the software which finally allows you to use your freedom of choice with no strings, or pains, attached.

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