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about windows7

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I was willing to get the free trial MSWindows7, so i had to create an account, in a typical corporate fashion, and started downloading the beast, then I stopped because it was fully clear to me that the next Windows is Ubuntu: it's already fully functional and user-friendly, not to mention that it's free as in speech and beer. Installing windows7 on my desktop, even free of charge for one year, would be a waste of time, my desktop is already a GNU/Linux distribution: Debian, thanks.

MSWindows could stand a chance against Linux only if it would be released under GPL.

WindowsXP is (made) obsolete, and windows7 is irrelevant now. It's time to call your senator or local political representative and ask him/her why is s/he still spending public money on licenses to Microsoft or Apple for his/her public office, for the flickery buttons these operating systems are mustering in their new versions?

Internet is a revolution, but GNU/Linux is its completion, a new world is opening for PC or notebook users everywhere, and that is due to all those GNU hordes of true intellectuals. Congratulations to all of them.

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