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the european bushes

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From a Financial Times news article: "UN experts said last week that Iran had produced enough for a nuclear bomb but only if it undertook the highly visible and protracted step of enrichment to weapon grade levels."

I got some news too: each of the authors of the article quoted above has enough power to kill somebody but only if they undertook the step of stabbing that somebody with a cutter from their office.

According to the article, UK, France and Germany are trying to supply Bush's absence in the process of harassing Iran. As I am told, we live in a world of free competition, is this how some states in EU understand competition, making political pressures? Iran has all the rights to use nuclear power for energy. Even if Iran would want to make a nuclear bomb, they're spending their own resources for making it, what's the real concern here? There are plenty of nuclear bombs in the area already and nobody seems to be concerned about that. Bush's US has proven that it can go to war for no reason, just because they fancy it. Any country in the world has the right to prepare a defense against this kind of attitude, so nobody (but the originators) is to blame for new countries joining the arms race. I think it's irresponsible of some EU countries, like these three ones, to make steps that will strain politically the other states of the EU which did not agree with them.

Would you people cut the bullshit before I pass out, please? I'm sick and tired of these counterfeited crises which only serve some multinational companies nobody voted for.

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