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the party, digg-like government open for questions

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I am impressed by the way the Obama team is organizing its priorities: based on voting questions formulated by the population. It's not rocket science to set a website like this, but it shows an authentic wish of grasping what the population wants. Example, the question voted at the top of the "Health Care" section:

"In all other 1st world countries, there's a minimal level of universal healthcare for all citizens. What will your adminstration do to provide truly universal, affordable healthcare for all US citizens, regardless of employment status?" Victor, San Diego

Finally, a digg-like attempt at governing, congratulations to the Obama-team.

EU has set earlier a similar service, the Your voice in Europe, but its inferiority is obvious because the list of priorities is assembled in a non-transparent way: there's a consultation forum but "consultation" is a fuzzy word, it doesn't really give a clear picture on what's the goal, or even if a goal can be established. The EU's minimum standards of consultation should be upgraded by adding the requirement that a permanent, dynamic, openly-voted by any EU citizen, openly accessible list of priorities be maintained.

The existence of this list would help directly every citizen to unambiguously (media independent) evaluate how far is EU from its declared priorities, or how effective it is in following them.

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