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now, gettin' high

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Travelling the silk route (2008) by Move D and Namlook. If this is not a work of genius, I don't know what is. You don't need marijuana or some other stronger drug to get high, it can happen spontaneously, all you need is just to listen to it (the Travelling...) and probably you'll feel what I felt: I started listening (while reading the PDF 1.7 specification) and, at some point, I got somehow suspended, not unconscious, but lifted off, transported so much so that I only found myself filling again the chair in front of my computer some time later, at the end of it (with some knowledge about a PDF document's structure too). Nice flight, nice landing. Wish u were there.

This was not a first with Namlook, you can check, for example, the trips in Air II, (1994).

My problem with rewarding the artists today is that you can't pay them directly through their own website without some proprietary shit getting in the way and getting supported too, like the Adobe flash or Apple itunes. Why the hell not use Ogg + VLC instead? (here's an example. I expect a button which says donate or pay and should bring me to a direct money account of the artist I want to pay. I loathe the way commercial companies insinuate themselves between people; fuck-off, will ya?

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