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socialism (humanism)

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My preferred definition of socialism/humanism sounds like this: it is recognized the fact that any human being is immersed in a society of human beings and that the society is part of, and completes, the human being's definition, it is also recognized that any human society is immersed in nature and that the nature is part of, and completes, the human society's definition.

Socialism/humanism is the given natural context of humans, it's not a matter of adherence to it, it is a matter of choosing to be aware of it or not.

The State is the practical form of this awareness at the scale of the society. It is the minimal administrative agreement between the humans in a society; the State is designed and delegated by all of us to administer our agreements and settle our disagreements on this common agreement background, the public property.

The administration of the society is a rational attempt at problem solving, there should be nothing emotional about it. Socialism/humanism is not a special sort of abstract social passion, but a collaborative, continuously sustained, personal drive to get along or brush with each other; no romantic heroism necessary, but an authentic human life. You get there not through revolution but through evolution: a cultivated and well-tempered (non-hysterical) personal awareness (check, for a critical preparation, The Society of the Spectacle by Guy-Ernest Debord).

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