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the Net and the narrow thinkers

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Mr. Dvorak complains about the dying of newspapers, which supposedly should give you a skillfully baked world view. In this article, although he's right in a few details on the education, he's utterly wrong with the main theme, that a world view should be served at breakfast. There is no world view one can grasp from a classical newspaper, that's the world view of those paid by the newspaper, it always was. Want an authentic world view? Check those personal blogs which have no ads, no "free registration" and no access fee. That's a service somebody offers to you by telling you about the part of the world he's living in; it's the true social part of what a human is supposed to be. He's getting explicit feedback in the best cases. You don't have to give that explicit feedback, I understand, you're in a hurry to make money to build your identical dream house, but have the minimal decency to not complain the blog is happening. In fact, I read the article linked-to above as a kind of blog entry; that's feedback enough for me; ignored all the ads around there.

This way, by reading on the Net, you check those parts of the worlds you're interested in, and you don't have to drive 1 hour and pay for a beer in a non-smoking place to hear somebody's opinion or conclusion, you just click and read. You need the news you did not know you're interested in? Check the web again, and if this is too time consuming for you then pay a tax for the city council to keep a blog of what's happening in your city, to the senate to keep a blog on what's happening there, and so on; or just ask them to do that for the tax you pay already. While you are at it, ask the universities to make publicly accessible the research you paid for.

Mr. Dvorak believes the Net is transforming the North-Americans into "a nation of narrow thinkers", that's old news: a nation of people who have to drive a car to buy food is already a nation of narrow thinkers, a nation who believed that Iraq, or Afganisthan, has been invaded for ethical reasons is already a nation of narrow thinkers, a nation which believes that Iran or any other country for that matter doesn't have the right to nuclear power while that nation itself does, is already a nation of narrow thinkers. That narrowness of thinking came from the pre-cooked world view served by a few well-paid narrow thinkers. Hopefully, through the Net, various questions and choices will be accessible and informative to you, things you haven't thought of because somebody else was designated to do that for you while you were driving.

Debt-based thinking (mortgage thinking) and acting should have been dead for a long time, but now thanks to the Net, a new culture is rising, although in an implicit or underground way, at some point it will become a critical mass. Just sit and watch, Mr. Dvorak (ok, maybe those days will not find us alive), this is not just another wave of marijuana smokers daydreaming about sharing something they never had with everybody else. These Net people don't have to be on some special social networking site, the Net is the social network, anything less is just a temporary enterprise for the quick-money.

Due to the Net I don't have to do anything special to keep up with the world, neither the world :), but we just started growing together.

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