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Hermes, paused

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This is the answer I wrote today to somebody who was interested recently in using Hermes (I fixed the text a bit to make it clearer):

It's nice to hear Hermes still has a relevance here and there, however, I didn't touch it since Nov. 2006 and I don't have any plans to get involved in tuning it further until some long-term institutional interest shows up and some personal conditions are met: I don't want to get involved in short term projects anymore until after I get a (fitting) job in Spain and settle there.

There is no longer any active mailing list related to Hermes; when it was, all of the subscribers were passively waiting for the new release anyway.

Hermes was practically a one person project and, in my opinion, it is far from being completed to the level and coverage area I intended but funding issues and the way public research is currently organized (by forcing researchers either to jump from a short-term project to another, or to become fund raisers, aka beggars and/or liars, and by ignoring the society's long-term priorities) put, practically, a stop to its evolution.

The ones who got interested in using it were those I listed on the Hermes site and on the Hermes @ AEI site. Perhaps lxir is the most active currently but I'm not sure. I did not maintain any link with them after 2006.

Ah, there was at one time a project called sage which showed a spotty interest in Hermes but I didn't hear from them since 2007.

That said, Hermes is under GPL, so feel free to do whatever you wish with it, it's just that I won't be there to patch it for an indeterminate time, after all, one needs to know a bit of C, a bit of TeX, and to have a clear goal, to do the right thing with it.

I wish you all the success you can handle and have a happy new year, ...

P.S. I just stumbled upon the arXMLiv project, which uses a different tool, LaTeXML, for converting TeX to XML+MathML, you may find this also relevant enough to your work.

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