to the European “leaders”

August 19th, 2011 by Romeo Anghelache

Guys, to become leaders, and to get your pensions when you’re out of office, you have to promote NOW some radical, clear-cut solutions to the gooey situation where unfettered capitalism has brought us all to dissolve, Europeans or not.

You should promote two modifications in the European Constitutions, the rest of the world will follow:

1. The total personal wealth of each citizen is limited, at any moment in its life, to an amount equal in size with a lifetime of average wages.

2. The State does not contract debt from other entities other than its own citizens uniformly and only in the form of temporary bumps in taxes to be paid at a later time through correspondingly temporary lowering of taxes.* ®™

If you guys wanna be part of world history, or just want to run a sovereign State, not a Ponzi scheme, or just want to get your pensions in full, or just don’t want to compete
with me for the food to be found in the European dumpsters in the year 2030: DO IT. NOW.

If you, personally, don’t grasp what these principles are all about, ask a couple of your well-paid advisors, just pick somebody who graduated some real science, they’ll be able to explain it to you in layman’s terms.

I am part of the last layer of society which still can and still makes the choice of communicating these issues to you. Keep neglecting this kind of messages, feel good about yourselves under the “coverage” of the current press, and I expect you’ll find yourselves in no time walking a minefield.

While you’re at it, I’ll let you know the refrain I have in my head for two decades already:

Little did I know that, through knowledge society you meant a society based on making knowledge a market item (even worse, your market item), I thought you meant a society where people grow and share knowledge, you know, the one that’s born public by definition.

Little did I know that, when you talked about freedom, you meant your freedom, not including mine or my neighbour’s.

Little did I know that, when you talked about wealth, you meant your wealth, not including mine or my neighbour’s.

Little did I know that, in capitalism, saving has a plural.

* ®™The current State debts are declared void: the State is declaring bankruptcy and it has a message for the entities which were thriving on the concept of State-debt: go fhang yourselves.

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