default on your debts, bail out your children

May 1st, 2010 by Romeo Anghelache

Greece should default on the payments of its debts. Germany too. France too. Japan also, as well as U.S.A. and any other State that has become indebted by now.

Bail out your children: default on your debts.

This is the only way the lenders can learn any lesson about what capitalism really means to the rest of the world. This is the only way possible for your children to grow for themselves and their neighbours and their children instead of for their State’s lenders.

Sovereign loans do not belong to “markets”: what belongs or is driven by the “markets” has no sovereignty whatsoever. Lending to a State should be marked as a crime, otherwise any economical “growth” is mandatory and already allocated to lenders. It should be a crime to allocate the life of your children to somebody’s current greed and “economical power”.

The only kind of sovereign loan that there can be is the State loan from its own people through a short bump in taxes with a corresponding future short lowering of taxes for the same population. A State loan from anybody else is a sovereignty loss, and, anyway, any such loan should be approved by referendum.

I hate seeing the EuroZone getting chewed up by a metastasis originating from the 20-th century.
I hate seeing everybody around me living their lives mainly to cover their parents’ debts, where’s the freedom in that?
Loans should not be part of a market because the effects of the corresponding debts are virtual, postponed; you don’t really know what you’re buying or selling, that hardly can be called a real market, rather a casino.

As long as a rumour or belief has a cost in money, that can’t be an objective market.
A market which is not objective cannot be free.
Whatever the size of your market, it’s meaningless to anybody else whom is not involved. It means that globalization is just a way to trick anybody into playing a certain wordgame: the debt-based capitalism; this is, ultimately, genocidal.

A majority lives mainly to pay a minority of lenders: this is no democracy.

Otherwise, the only tolerable way these debts can continue to exist would be to limit the personal wealth to a lifetime of average wages: the lenders would be so little and many that it would be impossible to have a sudden “run on the State”, any State would be able to feel a wave of mistrust and have the time to treat it/prevent its growth. This limit of personal wealth, beside bringing innumerable other ecological benefits, would eliminate the existence of big lenders which are, ultimately, a threat to sovereignty.

Why is sovereignty so important? The State is the agreement among people speaking the same language that they commonly follow some rules. If the State mainly warrants debts, it becomes a bank serving a tribe of lenders: the State becomes the instrument of power for a minority. If democracy is to be preserved such a State should go bankrupt and return to its public duty.

It is genuinely stupid to agree with a system that forces people in one country to “tighten the belt” because people in another country act on a rumour or belief (here “country” means a quantity of money): if there’s a huge lender of yours who wakes up one morning with a hangover and starts a rumour about your debt interest payment capabilities then it simply becomes a reality because of its (the lender’s) size and economical place. An economical opinion, in debt-based capitalism, is a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you were close to the edge, now you’re way past the edge just because of somebody else’s hangover. At the core of debt-based capitalism there is no objective economical reality, the reality itself only serves as a source of inspiration for money games with deadly mass effects.

The Earth itself cannot survive a system like this.
To recount: debt-based capitalism can’t be democratic, shrinks any definition of freedom and becomes genocidal, so why, for the life of me, do we keep tolerating it?

It’s either the debt-based capitalism or us, the humans, we can’t survive together.

Bail out your children: default on your debts. It is the only way to reform this system bypassing a bloody and desperate global reset.


This is the sight
We had one day
On the High Mountain.
We saw a lamb with seven eyes
We saw a beast with seven horns
And a book sealed with seven seals.
Seven angels with seven trumpets
And seven bowls filled with anger.
Those are the pictures
Of what was
Of what is
Of what is to come.
We are the people
The rolling people
The why people
The waiting people
The wanting people
The tambourine people
The alternative people
The angel people

lyrics quoted from Altamont off 666 by Aphrodite’s Child.

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