the G20 meeting agenda

September 20th, 2009 by Romeo Anghelache

first, a vocabulary fix:

“stand out from the crowd”:
this applies only if you belong for the moment to an uneducated the crowd; if the crowd is educated, you want to belong to it; whatever your status is, this expression is a bootstrap proposal.

“market knows better”:
If A can’t predict B, then of course one can say B knows better, but that also implies that A is stupid if it keeps belonging to this relationship (a formal definition of the term market is given at the end of this blog entry).
given the above, I find it eerie that this moronic paradigm is invading the earth on TV.

“the acid test of a theory: can you make money out of it?”
this is probably what any capitalist in puberty is taught in schools today, but Boltzmann didn’t make money out of it, while many bullshitters did make money out of their own fake theories. You see, not all of us grew up in hustler dominated environments.

“let’s make a pool of bets to tell us what’s gonna happen”
a “pool of bets” only extracts the wishful thinking from the crowd, so never rely on this as a prediction tool.

given the above vocabulary fixes, here’s the should-be agenda of the G20 meeting:

guys, here’s the situation (with small variations) in the countries where you are supposed to run the public matters today:

– democracy and/or humanist freedom are impossible: elections depend on private money, most intellectuals became courtesans, education, communication, health, research are commodities;

– prisons are a profitable business, more rules mean more prison input, that is, more profit; this can only end up in shadowed dictatorships (where the front-end administrators with public responsibilities are puppeted by back-end wealthy persons with no public responsibility);

– defense is a profitable business, so more reasons to defend get imagined by those who profit in the process, this can only end up in absolute paranoia;

– in a system with leveraged credit/debt, crashes are mandatory and you’re just happy to recover from them by selling even more cars;

– the economical growth of corporations is debilitating the State and the public property it is supposed to administer;

(by now the GDP does great, so far so good)

– the world is increasingly becoming a war between lumps of empty money, the humans are left on the sides in random states;

– people are commodities, this can only cultivate conformity, take a look around you and count those who wear a tie, then add the fans of pop “celebrities”;

– individuality is bulk, en-gross, i.e. it stands only for the capacity of buying separately, so the profits can be added in a simple way; a system like this kills the urbanism (where there’s any left), public transportation, it also produces sociopathy and plain ugliness;

– individualists become politicians, that is, administrators of public property, wolfs guarding sheep.

To fix the issues enumerated above, here’s a list of items which should be included on the G20 agenda:

universally, personal wealth should be limited to an estimated necessary for a human lifetime (Capitalism without built-in personal wealth limits is a social disease and is selfdestructing the same way a society without built-in feedback becomes a dictatorship);

– education, Internet communication infrastructure, health, law, research and accessible memory/(digital) archiving should become public services; obviously these should be covered from uniform public taxation.

– the State, as a common agreement that humans live in societies, is the administrator of public/common matters or property, it should be apolitical; the elections are organized on the communication infrastructure, whenever necessary, where people vote directly anonymous candidates with detailed publicly accessible, verifiable later, professional histories.

– instead of living in prison, a sentenced should get its wealth cut in half and a heavy beating, by a robot or a gorilla, which may require hospitalization for a couple of days and thereafter released till the next sentence, if any; the recidivist gets, beside the usual beating, some social medication if necessary and available, and if that doesn’t help until the next sentence, then the next sentence will be a death sentence.

do it yourself liberalism, that is, libertarian socialism, fills-in the blanks.

the “market”, driven by the wishful balance between offer and demand, can be defined like this:

offer + a * mb = Σi=1mass(mb) (individual_demand – b * ed – c * he – d * apr)i,
(where mb is mass_bullshit, promotion or ads, ed is personal education, he is personal health and apr is personal access to public research results, and a, bi, ci, di are appropriate dimensional constants)

this expression trivially means that any possible free market theory is doomed to fail to predict the facts each day, everyday.

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