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June 29th, 2009 by Romeo Anghelache

Here’s the spam I got today, needless to say, I was not a candidate for a job with this company:

Dear Candidate,

We have a job offer available for you in response to your initial request
in the job search directory. Grey Textiles Limited needs finance
co-ordinators in Europe and America in order to improve services to our
numerous clients. No experience is necessary.

This is an employment opportunity for you to work online and earn good
money. We are a company based in the United Kingdom manufacturing and
exporting British, Asian, African, and assorted textile-fabrics. We have
been receiving orders from the all over Europe and America which we have
not been able to process completely since we do not have a payment
receiving personnel in these areas. We have decided to recruit payment
officers online hence we need a representative to process our payments in
these areas due to delays in processing payments from these areas in the
United Kingdom.

As a payment representative you would be in charge of collecting payments
from our clients. Our clients make payment for supplies every week in
forms of bank-draft, money order or cashiers cheque and you will be
collecting these payments and cashing them at your bank. In addition to
your main responsibility, you will ensure that all cheques and money
orders have cleared before forwarding any payments to us. We offer a
flexible program: 3-4hrs daily/weekly at your choice, day/evening time,
working at home/office: checking emails and going to the bank. Other
Highlights: No selling involved, No travelling, No kit to buy, and we wont
charge you for anything.

Our company currently offers a commission of 10% of any amount you receive
from our clients. You have the possibility of earning €500 – €1000 every
week to a total of €4000 per month. For instance: on receipt of €5000 on
our behalf, you will cash the payment at your bank and keep 10% (€500) for
yourself, before remitting the balance to us.

Example: If you receive a cheque of €1000 your net income is €100 and our
company covers all fees. You will process at least 2-3 orders per day and
you will earn more than €200 cash in hand each day. The more money
orders/cheques you process at a faster rate, the higher you stand to earn

You do not have to leave your current work in order to take up this job.
What we ask: 3 – 4 hours daily/weekly excluding weekends, internet access
for sending and receiving emails, available means of cashing money orders
/ cheques at your bank using your existing bank account. You will never be
asked for anything more than that, No bank names, No account number, No
credit card, No passwords # etc.

We require only a person who is trustworthy, reliable, motivated and is
prepared to achieve set targets. If you would like to work for Grey
Textiles Ltd, do kindly send us an E-mail indicating your interest and
include the following details for employment approval.

1. Full Names.
2. Full contact Address (street, city, postcode and country).
3. Phone number(s).
4. Age.
5. Details of past work experiences.

The above information should be sent to this Email Address-:

All correspondence and reply should be strictly directed to Jessica Grey
( for employment approval.

Thank you,
Michael Grey – Managing Director / CEO.
Jessica Grey – Director of Finance.

Head Office:
Grey Textiles Ltd
197, Kensington High St,
London, W8 6SH
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 778 860 1744.
Contact Person: Michael Grey / Jessica Grey.

Spammers, the job profile rather fits somebody with a degree in leadership but I declined receiving that so please do kindly fuck-off.

Quite a capitalist opportunity.

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