June 9th, 2009 by Romeo Anghelache

Salim’s is a small food-store and restaurant byzantine style, on Center ave corner with N.Neville, Pittsburgh, PA, US, Terra.
You may find there tasty sorts of cheese, yoghurt, falafel, flours, spices, oils, syrups, preserves, baklavas, you name it. Salim’s also caters for parties. Organic milk didn’t reach his place because he’s not a part of the economy of scale: one has to become big enough to sell organic stuff around here.

Salim’s and Salim himself outlasted the Bush dynasty and some more US presidents, the fall of Enron and Lehman Bros, a few wars and a couple of economic bubble bursts on top of those. Salim has been there, smiling and serving, since before the Internet became operational. All my local friends know him. He is like Linux: open, intelligent, resourceful and resilient. He is like nature: there always.

He’s part of that 95% (ok, maybe less) of humanity worth its name but not visible on the screen or on paper, only in real life.

I salute him every time I pass by his store. He answers back, always in good mood.

Respekt. Word!

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