what still stinks in capitalism

March 20th, 2009 by Romeo Anghelache

Here are some more capitalist stinkers:

In capitalism, everybody’s supposed aim is personal profit, but the humans seek naturally for quality of life instead. There’s no direct link between profit and quality of life, they only intersect somewhere but diverge anywhere else. There’s no need for examples, you can remember them yourself.

The reason why profit got taken as the quality of life is that more people who are involved in consuming resources are not educated for doing something about those resources (that education is a costly effort which only a socialist principled system assumes). This guilt, or ignorance, pushes those people to reach pathological levels when thinking about ways or possibilities of getting wealthy or preserving wealth, if acquired. Each one thinks that unlimited wealth means preserving the lottery where they could have the chance of drawing the winning ticket.

However, the wish for, or tolerance of, unlimited wealth is not only pathological, is sociopathic too.

Your will to get wealthy forces you to manage secrets, you don’t want to share any potential knowledge with your peers, because your wealth is relative to them. If you live a life like this, wealthy or not at the end of it, the knowledge you acquired in your efforts, if any, gets lost. You never existed, in fact, just a hole which passed through this world with some fuss and left only a trace of shit.

Even the honest enterprising person who wants to provide a service in exchange for resources, finds itself, after enough time in a capitalist context, surrounded by bigger, wealth thirsty, capitalists who will merge with (read gulp) his business, until a monopoly equivalent with any dictatorship in history is established. You can imagine the process like this: the society is some kind of human-like animal, a disease starts to petrify parts of it, until this live animal transforms into a bunch of rocks falling apart. Unfettered capitalism erodes and petrifies humanity.

Ultimately, the inhumanity of this profit-based system, if let to evolve too far, cannot be fixed because the system becomes rock dead naturally.

Researchers and professors are forced to gather funds from different sources, this is supposed to keep them on their toes in their profession. It’s wrong: forcing them to be concerned with finances is similar to forcing them to extract/gather their own food. It’s not only a waste of intelligent resources over dumb resources but the whole research system gets screwed: researchers compete for funds, therefore some dumb people invent a gauge faking objectivity for their results (like counting published articles and citations) so they can be compared, ultimately the society gets a bunch of conformists just trying to manage a living with a fading trace of original thinking and with all the initial passion stopped dead in its tracks.

Education, health and law are also subjected to this kind of violence: the professionals in these areas are transformed by capitalism into slaves to the for-profit imperative.

Capitalism effectively denies these activities as fundamental to the society, denies the universal benefit they represent, crams them along with the lame and fake activity of creating symbols out of thin air and selling them for a living. This is so wrong I’m out of words.

This is, for example, why almost none of the sociologists today understands the utter ridiculousness of using a personal 2000kg metal object consuming non-renewable resources and using an 8-band highway for one hour to transport a meat drone 20 miles to his office and back daily.

That’s why almost no economist understands where the economy growth has to stop. No growth can continue ad infinitum in an environment with limited resources, on the contrary, growth should be slowed down or reversed until we reach, as a society, a quality of life acceptable and portable to the younger generations. You don’t want something stupid to grow faster, rather you want to make that something more intelligent.

That’s why no doctor will be interested in curing you completely: healthy, you’re of no use to his for-profit activity, so the best way to achieve his goal is to give you pills, which require other pills to compensate for the secondary effects of the former, and so on, the optimal situation for capitalist doctors and pharmacists today (“health industry”) is for you to stay sick and die as late as possible.

Capitalism is also responsible for immense absurdities: for example, the most militarized country on earth is dislocating an army to look for a small group of people alleged to be terrorists. One can hardly find a more stupid thing if one uses a commonsensical perspective. But here’s the capitalist perspective on that: some private capitalists are interested in the public (tax) money rolling towards the army in action (to whom they would provide services as private contractors), so there is a reason after all for this apparently stupid state of things, the for-profit capitalist attitude. The classical war is part of the economy and contributes to its growth.

The State is (supposed to be) the agreement between us all that we follow some commonsensical rules designed (by ourselves) so we won’t hurt each other, its role is to maintain democracy effective. Capitalism continuously undermines the role of the State, which is seen as a competitor or regulator by monopolies, it pushes the State to only survive as a resource for those pathologically greedy. Capitalism without built-in personal wealth limits is a social disease.

The division of labor helps indeed at making more pins (a good model for mechanical lines of production), but how many pins are we set to make, and how ignorant, how stupid, how mechanical, how inhuman, do we have to become in the process?

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