wanted: madness proper

October 18th, 2008 by Romeo Anghelache

I thought I’ve seen the worst movie ever when I watched a certain japanese production: Casshern, a few years ago, but it’s safer to assume that things can always get worse.

They do:
– get the underdog
– get the car
– get the girl to drive it
– get the secret fraternity
– punch the underdog into a one of the few hyperextrasuperhumans
– get the bullet with the hand-controlled curved trajectory (or dodge it)
– crash a bus
– destroy a train
– destroy a library
– kill one to save many
– use yet another smart way to blow explosives
– save the world from the worst kind
– light some fires, show me some blood, move and shake the camera and flicker the lights all along

It is the recipe that makes the myths and whirligigs of any simpleton today: mix James Bond with flying martial arts fighters, Matrix, The empire strikes back, Fight club, the Gun with sacred inscriptions, the “BMW: the pleasure to drive” ad; you’re done, you got Wanted (2008), IMDB graded 7.1, the most concise artistic history of modern stupidity. The non-foaming beer, the 6-wall TV and the soccer/football game with the atomic nanobioengineered ball will presumably be added in Wanted, Director’s cut to complete the (so moving) picture.

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