uniform wage increase: an inequality generator

October 2nd, 2008 by Romeo Anghelache

In Romania, the parliament just decided (before the elections, of course, which suggests that we should keep them in continuous elections to make’em do their best) to increase with a blanket 50% the wages of those working in the public education. A college professor was getting about 1000 euro/month, his assistant 400 euro/month. So the professor had 600 euro more than his assistant, per month.

Now, after the raise, the university professor has 1500 euro/month and his assistant gets 600 euro/month. The new difference between their wages is now 900 compared to 600 before the uniform increase, that is, the difference of income between them increased with 50%. In other words, either the assistant is more stupid after the increase, or the professor more intelligent. My life experience says that the assistant is stupider indeed, because he accepts to continue working under these conditions.

The same goes for the retired. This is how my mother’s getting now 120 euro/month pension but those retired on special pensions are getting 1200 euro/month (lately, the government increased their pension by a uniform 20%). Here a break with tradition is made necessary: after you finish up your active worker years, you should go at the nearest garbage disposal hole and just dissolve yourself, so these politicians won’t feel the burden of killing you slowly; what if your biological strain delays your death over and over again? you’ll end up getting per month what a leech pays for supper.

The public administration should make the increases so that the differences would be conserved in absolute terms. It’s not that difficult today when any man and his dog has a computer.

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