inclusive democracy

July 5th, 2008 by Romeo Anghelache

Just when I was thinking I kinda nailed it down with the concepts of humanist economy and limited wealth, transparent administration etc., I found a much more refined model of society called inclusive democracy. If you’re questioning the current state of affairs around you, and wish to do your best to fix the problems, this is one of the places to start reading.

I started with reading an interview with Takis Fotopoulos.

I was musing over a real democracy: people voting daily on the matters important for them, from their computers at home. These parliaments and politicians are almost completely irrelevant to the populations they are assumed to “represent” and usually clueless, so why keep these institutions in the first place? There is no real reason why we continue with voting some persons once in 4 years, when we can do that directly, locally, daily or weekly on issues concerning us. Why do I need to pay a group of people following their own interests under the cover of “representing” me? Why do you need that? If you can’t discover a good reason other than inertia, then check the Inclusive democracy, it seems a practical solution.

If you don’t find this concept relevant enough for you, then check this interview out, it totally flattened me (another full length interview is at the bottom of the page) when I found out the details of what an “economic hit man” does.

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