clinical insanity and clinical stupidity

June 29th, 2008 by Romeo Anghelache

To define the clinical insanity, I need to define what is a lifetime of average wages: if the average monthly wage in your country is, say, 1000 units, then a lifetime of average wages means about 100 years multiplied with 12 months multiplied with 1000 units, that is, about a million (1.000.000) units. If you’d have had that wealth at the moment of your birth, that would have been enough to let you live in dignity as a human without being forced to do something you don’t want, but would preserve your freedom of choice on what to do, if you want to do something. Tune that amount to your country, adjust for average inflation and choose a more generous estimate of a human lifetime, and you will get the appropriate wealth limit.

When one’s wealth has become larger than the equivalent of a lifetime of average wages, as defined above, and one still “works” to accumulate more wealth, that, in my book, is a clean definition of clinical insanity.

Now, when someone cannot even imagine an honest and realist way to accumulate such a wealth in its own lifetime, but still insists that the limit above should not be imposed on the total wealth of anybody, that, in my book, is a clean definition of clinical stupidity.

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