June 21st, 2008 by Romeo Anghelache

I’ve waited for a long time for the itemized list of the suburbanite patriot, and now I found it.
I read a nice piece on Jay Leno’s patriotism, which reproduces that list.

I’ll touch each one of those items below (read that list first, I won’t copy it here):

  • A. If you have electricity and running water, you shouldn’t complain, you shouldn’t think of a change. I agree, if all of that were for free and guaranteed for life. They aren’t, yet. All the utilities are paid for, stupid, maybe the reason for complaint is their cost relative to the user’s wealth?
  • B. Same goes for B., air conditioning and heating is not provided for free, they are paid for, and worked for; and the patriot in question had nothing to do with inventing them.
  • C. Since when a job is the human dream? Apropos, we have a Byzantine saying about ugly women (men are supposed ugly by default in our culture): she’s ugly as work. Work is an effort to fix something, it’s not the meaning of life, stupid.
  • D. What matters about food is what matters about life too: not more, but better quality. In Pittsburgh it’s only in 2007 I’ve seen the “organic milk” in your groceries, while in 2002 nothing called milk could compare in taste with the milk on the markets of Romania (a failed socialist country) between 1960 and 2000. You call it now organic, but this is what it should have been from the beginning, stupid, instead you and your children drank some production line white residual liquid called “milk”.
    By the way, to walk into a grocery in this country you have to drive there first, stupid.
    The only problem with walking is that it’s a non-profit activity.
  • E. You have to present ID papers to enter in EU. You also have to present your shoes for control in your own country, stupid. And this policy wastes anybody else’s time everywhere at the airport checkpoints. This is stupid, anybody could put a bomb in a transeuropean bus at least since 2001, but nobody did, this should make you think harder.
  • F. What’s the price to stay one night in those clean and safe motels? 200USD? Stupid.
  • G. The thousands of restaurants with various cuisine were also available in all the places your country didn’t bomb or embargo for the last decade.
  • H. Emergency care is not for free, as it should in a civilized society, it’s for hard money: it would cost a half of an year’s average wage. Thanks but I’d rather die than being taken care of by such emergency services.
  • I. Own a home or a mortgage? I can’t see any honor in owning a lifelong debt, stupid.
  • J. If you’d live in a healthy society, there wouldn’t be so many burglars coming for your flat TV, this should make you think who really paid for that flat TV in the first place, stupid.
  • F. A neighborhood “free” of any sidewalk or any urban points where you can meet other real people and discuss about your lives is not a neighborhood, is a reservation, a concentration camp. A neighborhood where the bakeries and the groceries are not in walking distance from any house is not a neighborhood but a reservation, a concentration camp.
  • G. The complete freedoms you’re talking about do not include, for example, owning a cat in your own apartment, and do not include using a laptop on wireless, drinking a coffee and smoking at the same time. But it does include the freedom to listen to hundreds of radio-channels owned by the same for-profit company, the freedom to kill anybody easily (by wearing a gun), the freedom to choose which country will be the next receiver of your aggression, the freedom to force other countries to pay for your consumerism. Ultimately, there’s the freedom to live exclusively at the level of animal instincts, which no human should have, ever.

My guess is that the people are unhappy because they grew up consuming oil for every tiny daily activity and the oil reserves are about to end, no matter how many wars one can start. Now everything’s got to change radically in a lifetime and there’s no clear idea if the irresponsible life oil consumers lived by now can be re-based on renewable, green resources. Not an enviable position, I’d say.

Want more specific numbers? Check this out.

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