euro VAT and oil

May 27th, 2008 by Romeo Anghelache

Mr. Sarkozy thinks EU should drop the VAT for oil. For oil in general? No way, that would be an encouragement for the European to consume it as if nothing happened. But dropping VAT for oil used in transportation of merchandise and in some industries seems reasonable.

Then he says the VAT should be diminished for the audio-visual, to the level of VAT for the books. What? So that the audio-visual can make more profit by ramming more advertisement down our throats? The audio-visual deserves an increase of VAT, to discourage bulshitters. Books deserve a lowering of VAT because, in most cases, they mainly contain text. The Text moves your mind, makes your imagination take off, the Image (esp. the moving image) dulls the mind and kills the imagination.
Got that? (quoted from Life is worth losing, by George Carlin.)

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