left and right

May 25th, 2007 by Romeo Anghelache

Perhaps you’ve met people quoting some friend of a friend who read a book (who else?) that said if you were not a leftist when young, then your heart failed you, but if you’re not a rightist when you’re of age, then your brain failed you.

Now, I’d dare a new saying (in fact surely it’s old, but I just feel I grasped it fully now): if you think you were a young leftist once and now you are a rightist fellow, then you just faked or mimicked being a leftist. You simply never groked or even glimpsed the left.

Mind you, it’s old hat to insist on political left and right in this dark transition era, as the classical terms they were. In my understanding of these terms, political left implies/assumes that the human is always immersed in a society, society is part of its definition, there is no pure individual; while political right assumes that the human is a hunting (and hunted) carnivore, that is, its society is its own skin. The Left sounds rational to me: a human is born and grows in the society, take him out of it and he becomes a hurried red-eyed wild beast salivating and biting in any direction, and, overwhelmed by the meaninglessness of the place it happens to be in, starts wearing a suit and a tie, hoping nobody will distinguish it, when sleeping, from rodents.

In my book, political Left is a choice: to be human(e), political Right is simply the stale ignorance of the human realm, the point zero of society.

Anyway, I am now completely convinced that the society will evolve politically into something like this: a citizen will be able to vote (rate) daily, from anywhere, on the current issues/initiatives/solutions his society’s administrators are proposing, albeit he has to pass a basic knowledge test before voting, to make sure he knows what the subject of his voting is. There will be no parties and no parliament. The society’s administrators (the civil servants) are a virtual and dynamic community of problem solvers skilled in various areas, payed by the task, otherwise citizens like the rest.

I can’t say how or when we’ll get there, but I think it’s already in the air now and we’ll reach that state in about two Internet generations.

In other words, political Center is not a middle, but a mark on, or hesitation in, our becoming humans: Left and Right are, and were, in fact, Ahead and Aback.

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