Hermes 0.9.10 released

July 28th, 2006 by Romeo Anghelache

This release is a step towards handling longtables appropriately (however, the longtable model Hermes will be able to convert has to have the caption and label at the beginning of the environment, followed by , like this:

the & rest
of & it

This version managed to convert 32 articles out of 48 trials (in the order of assigned publishing number) from arxiv:math.
A 66% success rate is not impressive, but Hermes gets wiser.

Sources/binaries are here and examples here.

Let me know if Hermes annoys you in some way, maybe there’s a worthy fix to it.

As you probably know already, Hermes currently generates a mtable from a LaTeX equation long enough for TeX to split it on more than one line.
But now Hermes would like to do the following, beginning with the next version:
1. generate a single mathml row instead of a mtable for this kind of situations
2. generate a mtable only where source equations are labeled and longer than one line.

if you have strong feelings about this decision let me know a.s.a.p., Hermes will consider your opinion.

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