July 5th, 2006 by Romeo Anghelache

So, pick a banknote, it says it’s one euro, dollar, thaler etc.
Here’s a proposal: we should print also (or instead) the quantity of potatoes (world or european average) which can be grown and extracted by paying somebody (robots, or other necessary resources, included) with that banknote.
Instead of one euro, we should have printed on our bills the resources we ‘can’ buy with them, for example, either:

  • 1 Kg potatoes,
  • 0.5 Kg loaf of bread,
  • 1 transistor,
  • a shoe,
  • a pair of dead soldiers,
  • a truckload of unintentionally killed civilians in wartime,
  • a happy family of civilians in peacetime,
  • the number of months of educating a human,
  • the number of months you can feed a cat,
  • the number of sunsets you can enjoy without having to change your job,
  • the number of hours you can fake a living,
  • the number of minutes you can avoid commercial ads,

whatever it corresponds to, you (or sociologists) name it.

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